Artwork by Local Artists

Gallery 99 - Ain't That A Frame is proud to feature a variety of accomplished local artists in mediums to include sculpture, acrylics, oil paint, pastel, watercolor, and more. Visit us to just view or to buy these great pieces created by quality artisans.

Visit our showroom at 99 West Main Street to see the bronze wildlife sculptures of Bart Walter or the more abstract subjects created by Michael Parameros. Michael uses hand tools to sculpt Carrera Marble, stone, and wood. We also feature Dave Parks hand carved and painted birds.
Gallery room

Different Artworks by Various Artists

Our gallery displays a range of subjects from Ed Ramsberg’s abstract originals to scenic art, depicting countryside landscapes or views from the shore. We currently showcase watercolor originals by Lucile Kerns and pastels by Tara Will.

In addition to local artists and photographers, we feature selected works from recognized artists such as Louis Icart, Jerry Garcia, and Martin Driscoll. We have artworks of pastel artists like Tara Will and Lisa Sheppard.

Our Gallery Showcases a Variety of Artists and Mediums

  • Bart Walter
  • Michael Parameros 
  • Dave Parks

Acrylic, Oil, Graphite Artists
  • Ed Ramsberg
  • Michelle Loewer 
  • Shelley Steinley
  • Sarah Abel-DeLuca
  • Britta Prinzivalli
  • Michael Bignell
  • Martin Driscoll
  • Volodymyr Martsenuk
  • Steve DeLuca
  • Simon Winegar
Pastel Artists
  • Tara Will
  • Lisa Sheppard

Watercolor Artist
  • Lucille Kerns 
  • Steve Perrine 
  • Joe Duke 
  • Tim Hinche
  • Carol Davis
Fiber and Fabric 
  • Nancy Schmitt
  • Etta Stuart

For scenic art and sculptures, visit us today at 99 West Main Street.
We offer FREE estimates on framing!
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